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Everyone should be interested in protecting the environment by saving energy. At All Cool Industries we work hard to help you save energy when running your residential or commercial air conditioning or refrigeration system.

Energy conservation is the utilisation of devices that require smaller amounts of energy in order to reduce the consumption of electricity. Reducing the use of electricity causes less fossil fuels to be burned to provide that electricity.

The Queensland and other State Governments have introduced minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) ensuring that all air conditioners imported to or made in Australia are of a high-energy rating. Despite this, there are still many air conditioning systems that have better energy star ratings than others and our All Cool technicians can help you choose and supply you with the best energy efficient systems from some of the leading brands.

How can you save energy when using your air conditioner

  • Purchase an air conditioner with a good energy star rating
  • Set your air conditioner to 23-26°C in the summer and 18-21°C in the winter
  • Choose an air conditioner that is the correct size for the space you want to cool or heat.
  • When a hot day is expected turn on your air conditioner earlier rather than wait until it gets hot, as it will have to work twice as hard when it is hotter
  • If your air conditioner has adjustable louvers, tilt them towards the ceiling when cooling and towards the floor when heating
  • Have your air conditioner serviced regularly (at least once a year depending on use)
  • Clean your air conditioner’s filters regularly (at least every three months depending on use)
  • Close your windows, doors, curtains and blinds when running your air conditioner
  • Insulate your home to help cool the room temperature

Contact All Cool Industries if you have any questions about running your air conditioner efficiently.

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