Being comfortable in your home means much more than controlling the temperature. Toshiba air conditioners are designed for flexibility in application and with a low operating sound level and improved air quality. So you get all year-round comfort plus precise temperature control.

Whether you are looking to cool a small bedroom or a large living space, the range of Toshiba’s residential air conditioning solutions are ideal for all areas of your home. From wall-mounted split systems to floor standing or inverter ducted systems, Toshiba has a wide variety of heating and cooling solutions to suit your requirements.

Imagine being overseas and being able to open your garage door or water your garden just by hitting a button on your smart device?

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Madoka gives you perfect control over your individual climate. A minimalistic touch button controller with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity,^ Madoka features three navigational buttons* and a clutter-free display. Comfort is guaranteed in the most intuitive way imaginable.

Available in two attractive finishes (White or Black) Madoka adds style & class to any interior space.

Madoka temperatur

Key Features

Compact Design
Measures only 85 x 85 mm

Advanced Control
Functions like scheduling, energy saving and Servicing are available via ‘Daikin Madoka’ app

Simplified Control
Basic functions can be done using the 3 on-screen touch buttons

Built-in Sensor & Status Indicator
With built-in temperature sensor & blue LED status indicator