Split System Installation Brisbane

All Cool Industries split system air conditioners provide optimum cooling to your home. We supply a wide range of branded split system units to meet your needs, ensuring you get value for money.

Split system air conditioner system

This type of air conditioner system uses two units. The first is the indoor unit which delivers cold air inside the room and the second an outdoor unit which draws out the warm air from inside your house. The two units are connected through the house or office walls to allow the unit to circulate the air.

Types of split system air conditioners

At All Cool Industries, we offer four different types of split systems:

  • Reverse Cycle – This split system is able to provide both cooling and heating. This type of split system is valuable for homes with different climates throughout the year.
  • Inverter – Conventional units usually turn the cooling compressor on and off in order to maintain a certain temperature within a room. This common air conditioner operation also means more electricity consumption. Inverter units control the compressor’s production of cool air instead of stopping and starting it constantly. This allows the unit to 70 per cent less electricity than conventional systems.
  • Hybrid – A hybrid split system combines both a conventional and inverter function in one unit. When a hybrid unit is turned on, it activates its cooling compressor to full capacity in order to reach the room’s desired temperature. It utilises the function of an inverter unit where it controls the cool air production of the compressor to maintain the room’s temperature.
  • Cooling only – As the name suggests, this unit only provides cool air. Cooling only split system air conditioners are suitable for areas which don’t get as cold in winter and therefore don’t require heating.

All Cool Industries team

All Cool Industries consists of experts in air conditioning and refrigeration units operating in South East Queensland. Offering more than 10 years of experience with the industry, our team are proud to have long-term relationship with suppliers and manufacturers of air conditioning and refrigeration units, allowing us to obtain parts and replacements quickly and at a reasonable price.

All Cool Industries services

Apart from split system installation, All Cool Industries also offers unit cleaning, repair and maintenance. Want to get started? Get in touch to receive a free quote within 24 hours.

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