Ducted Air Conditioning Installations

All Cool Industries supplies and installs ducted air conditioning systems for schools, offices and homes. We carry the leading air conditioning brands such as PANASONIC and TOSHIBA. The All Cool Industries team can also help design an efficient heating and cooling system for larger spaces, thanks to our wide range of ducted systems. If you want control in a large space, ducted air conditioning is the best solution for your home or office’s climate control needs.

All cool industries supplies and installs ducted air conditioning systems for schools, offices and homes. We carry the leading air conditioning brands such as panasonic and toshiba. 

How ducted air conditioners works

Ducted air conditioning systems work by delivering air through pipes or ducts which run through a building or home’s wall space, ceiling or underneath the floor. Each space or room is fitted with outlets to distribute the cold air. It is an efficient system to ensure balanced cooling or heating within each space.

Benefits of installing ducted air conditioners

This air conditioning system is a stylish way of cooling several spaces in a home or office. Due to its efficiency, here are some of its benefits:

  • The system operates silently and it is energy efficient.
  • Temperature setting and other functions are easy to control in each space.
  • Ducts and vents are hidden which will not affect the space’s design.
  • Ensures better air quality as ducted air conditioners use anti-microbial filters to keep allergens out of the air.
  • Ducted systems also have zoning functions which allow people to set the temperature for different rooms or spaces. Bedrooms can be designated as “night zones” while living areas can be designated as “day zones”.

Choosing a ducted air conditioning system offers versatility and control to maintain comfort in various rooms, while also lowering annual energy costs, making it a top choice for many home and business owners.

All Cool Industries installation services for ducted systems

Every home or office is unique and it needs to be inspected before an air conditioning system can be installed. All Cool Industries technicians are Panasonic Specialists and they can give honest advice on the best system for you. For projects which are larger in scale, All Cool will  work with mechanical engineers and electricians to deliver a suitable and energy-efficient cooling system for a building.

All Cool Industries also offer maintenance and servicing for commercial and residential air conditioning units. These services include cleaning filters, checking the electrical connections, gas charge, mode operations, duct in the roof and all moving parts. Technicians will always liaise with homeowners or office staff on the most convenient time to service the system.

All cool industries can offer a range of ducted air conditioning solutions to suit your home, office, school or commercial property throughout the brisbane area
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Ducted air conditioning is a great solution for conditioning office buildings or larger homes. Although keeping these spaces habitable and comfortable for your employees or family is considered a luxury, the ducted air conditioning cost will pay for itself in the end. For professional advice on ducted systems, call an All Cool Industries representative today.

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