All You Need To Know About Multi-Head Reverse Cycle Inverters

Multi-head systems are excellent systems to choose if you are limited with outdoor space or concerned with the aesthetics of your home on the outside. The systems allow you to have only one outdoor unit that can service up to 5 indoor wall mounted head units. They are most suitable for small units and townhouses with limited outside space and are the chosen systems for many unit/apartment complexes’ body corporates. Features

  • The outdoor units can service a minimum of 2 indoor units up to a maximum of 5 (depending on size)
  • There is an option on expanding the number of head units at a later date, depending on existing sizes
  • Economy mode option in order to reduce energy consumption
  • Silicon coated outdoor power boards to help avoid contact with geckos
  • Reverse cycle allowing you to run it to cool or heat your home or commercial space
  • Anti-bacterial filter that combines three effects in one: anti-allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacterial protection
  • Inverter technology reduces wasteful operation by varying the rotation speed of the compressor
  • Outstanding operating temperature range
  • Quiet mode operation in order to enjoy the comfort of running your split system at night.
  • 5 years full parts and labour warranty for both residential and commercial use

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