Server aircon

Data centers or computer control rooms run 365 days a year and therefore require reliable air conditioning units, frequent servicing and immediate attention when the temperature or humidity varies from its set tolerances due to a problem with controls or a unit.

All Cool Industries’ technicians have extensive experience in the installation, servicing and breakdown management of data centers. All Cool Industries can provide the following services to ensure that your data centre runs efficiently and effectively every day of the year:

  • Sale, design and installation of appropriate air conditioning systems to suit the needs of your data centre or computer control room
  • Preventative maintenance programs to ensure that your system is serviced regularly to minimise repairs and improve efficiency, saving you money
  • 24 hour breakdown service

How sould data centre A/C system operate

Modern computers need an ambient temperature of around 24 degrees to work reliably. The more computing power, the more heat load. Efficient cooling ensures less power consumption. Humidity control is vital especially if critical servers are involved as it prevents electrostatic charges, which can cause serious faults to your computer systems.

Data centre air conditioning units supply cold air to pressurise the space under a raised floor which is returned through the racks to the air conditioning unit. A well planned data centre consists of hot and cold isles to cope with the heat load more efficiently.

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