Residential Air Conditioning Sales and Installation

All Cool Industries can supply and install a range of different air conditioning systems suitable for your home. We are able to supply the leading brands in air conditioners at competitive prices and are specialist Daikin and Panasonic dealers.

We specialise in the following types of systems:

  • Split Systems
  • Ducted Systems
  • Multi-Head Split Systems
  • VRV Systems
  • Cassette Units

All Cool Industries can also supply and install a number of other air conditioning combinations and styles in your home. Please call us if you need further information on a style not listed here.

Split Systems

All the leading brands of split systems are available through All Cool Industries, including Daikin and Panasonic. Our technicians can advise you on what system would suit your needs.

Why choose a Split system Air Conditioner for your home?

  • Fixed unit -Made up of two parts, a split system air conditioner features an external system, called the condensing unit, and an internal component, similar to what you may see in most homes. The separate indoor and outdoor components are connected by piping.
  • Cost effective – A split system air conditioner is an affordable and energy efficient system, making it a cost effective way of cooling or heating a room or area. You save not only on the initial installation, but also on your utilities bills. Split systems are great value for money and incredibly reliable, with manufacturers usually providing five-year warranties. The system is also quick and easy to service in the long run.
  • Ideal for households and offices -Split system air conditioners can be sized to service areas up to sixty square meters. The systems are proven to effectively reduce the humidity in a room, perfect for Queensland summers.

What types of Split Systems are available?

  • Reverse Cycle -This type of split system extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it inside, cooling it if necessary. These systems can generate warm or cool air depending on your needs.
  • Inverter – These systems eliminate the traditional stopping and starting of the cooling compressor, which draws heavily on power. Instead, inverter systems use 70% less power than conventional systems, as they increase and decrease output incrementally while they maintain the appropriate temperature in the room.
  • Hybrid – These systems join technologies of the traditional non-inverter types and an inverter system. A hybrid system runs at full capacity until the desired temperature is reached and then switches to inverter mode to maintain this temperature.
  • Cooling Only – This type of split system will only cool your room. This is ideal if you live in a location that requires little heating and is only needed in the warmer months. They are not as common as other split system air conditioners.

For more information on the different types of split system air conditioners and which is right for you, call one of our friendly representatives on (07) 3289 3005 today.

Ducted Systems

All Cool Industries stock an extensive range of ducted systems, ideal for cooling or heating a wide range of areas at once. Ducted systems are ideal for larger spaces, such as offices and big homes.

Why choose a ducted air conditioning system for your home?

  • Whole home solution – Ducted systems are an effective and stylish way to air condition several rooms in your home. The system utilises one central unit with tubes going to a number of rooms to allow air conditioning for every room in a structure.
  • Hidden units – These systems won’t spoil the look of your home and have been proven to increase the resale value of your home. The systems are incredibly quiet, efficient and can be run through either the ceiling or floor vents, depending on your needs.
  • Control – A high quality ducted system gives you an incredible level of control. Our technicians can show you how to set different temperatures in different rooms and apply timer functions, ensuring your home will be at your desired temperature when you walk in the door or wake in the morning!
  • Improves air quality – A ducted system can improve the air quality in your home, reducing the causes of asthma and allergies for your family. The system ensures air circulates in all of your living areas and the anti-microbial filters help to keep allergens and chemicals out of the air.
  • Versatile – Ducted systems can be zoned to allow cooling of different rooms at different times. For example, your home can be divided into day zones (living area and kitchen) and night zones (bedrooms).
  • Each home is different -Ducted systems are not always possible to install in some homes, therefore a technician will always visit your residence first to provide you with honest advice on what system would suit your home.

If you are interested in a ducted air conditioning system or would like to know more about how All Cool Industries can help you, give us a call on (07) 3289 3005 now.

Multi-Head Split Air Conditioning Systems

Why choose a multi-split air conditioning system for your home?

  • These systems are excellent for air conditioning more than one room in your home, especially in units and townhouses that have limited outdoor space.
  • Multi-head split units cleverly reduce the number of out door units in your home, which saves space and reduces operating costs compared to multi single split systems.
  • A multi-head split system uses a single out door compressor that can be linked to 2 – 9 indoor units.
  • All Cool Industries only installs the best multi-head split inverter air conditioners, including Daikin and Panasonic, ensuring excellent air quality and efficiency, which will inevitably save you money.

VRV Air Conditioning Units

Why choose a VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) air conditioning system for your home?

  • VRV systems were originally designed for commercial buildings, however now they are used to air condition large or luxury homes, hotels and nursing homes.
  • They are a more advanced, technical version of a multi-head split system comprising of a series of interlinked indoor units which could be a combination of mini ducted systems, hi-walls, cassette units and under ceiling consoles
  • VRV units allow for a greater level of control than other systems with a portion of your indoor units being able to cool, whilst the other units heat, all from the same outdoor unit.

Cassette Units

Why choose a cassette unit for your home?

  • Cassette units are a specialised type of indoor unit that doesn’t require ducts. The outdoor unit is connected to the cassette unit, which is ceiling mounted by refrigerant lines.
  • The units have a higher capacity for cooling, and therefore they would be beneficial for larger living spaces in your home.
  • Cassette units are aesthetically pleasing and maximise free space as their clever design allows them to be installed on the ceiling.

Residential air conditioning services

Servicing your residential air conditioning system 1- 2 times a year depending on use will enable it to run effectively and efficiently, as well as improving air quality, reducing air borne bacteria and allergies. This will not only ensure the environment inside your home with be clean and fresh, but you will save money and prolong the life of your split system or ducted air conditioner.

Residential Split System Air Conditioning Service

Our standard split system air conditioning service includes the following:

  • Clean filters
  • Check drain and clear out if required
  • Check gas charge
  • Strip down and clean indoor unit if required
  • Check all mode operations
  • Check temperature
  • Check indoor fan blade
  • Clean condenser coil if required
  • Treat indoor coil with deodoriser/sanitiser spray
  • Check electrical connections
  • General clean of system where needed

Your All Cool technician can also advise you on how to clean your filters yourself, in between services. This will ensure continued air purity in your home and protect the internal workings of the unit from dust build-up.

Ducted System air conditioning service

Our standard ducted system air conditioning service includes the following:

  • Clean filters
  • Check belts and pulleys if required
  • Check drain and clear out if required
  • Check gas charge
  • Check all mode operations
  • Check temperature
  • Clean condenser coil if required
  • Check electrical connections
  • General clean of system where needed
  • Check general condition of unit, including duct work and zone motor operation

Your All Cool technician can also advise you on how to clean your filters yourself, in between services. This will ensure continued air purity in your home and protect the internal workings of the unit from dust build-up.

Please email or call All Call Industries today to organise a service today!

Residential air conditioning Repairs

In this day and age, it is rare to find a home that is not fitted with an air conditioning unit. As one of the hottest countries in the world, Australia is known for its residents flocking to cool locations, such as the shopping centre, a movie theatre or a friend’s air conditioned home. Air conditioners have even been used to heat up offices in the cooler parts of winter, particularly further south. But like all technology, air conditioners can break down and this is why you need a reliable repairer on hand to make sure you don’t have to go even one day in the sticky heat of an Australian summer.

All Cool Industries is a team of air conditioning and refrigeration experts based in southeast Queensland. We offer a quick and reliable break down service for when you are experiencing problems with your residential air conditioning system. With over 10 years experience in the trade, we have built long-term relationships with manufactures and suppliers to ensure reasonable prices. Whether your home needs heating up in winter or needs cooling down in summer, our technicians can help.

For all your air conditioning repairs and air conditioning services in Brisbane, look no further than All Cool Industries. To contact one of our technicians, call (07) 3289 3005 today.