Ducted systems

Difference between Split vs Ducted Air conditioning system

Split vs Ducted Air conditioning system

Some customers might be confused about the differences between a split system air conditioner and a ducted system. The two types of units have the same function, but each operates differently, with different benefits and drawbacks.

Ducted air conditioning system

Ducted systemsDucted air conditioning is a centralised system that transfers cool and hot air to different parts of the premises through the one system. The system utilises a series of tubes snaked throughout the building to inject cold air onto a room. Warm air also travels in the tube until it reaches the centralised unit where its temperature is lowered.

This system is more efficient than the split air conditioning system as it is able to control the temperature of multiple parts of a house or building. However, the price of installing ducted air conditioning can be a lot more expensive. Also, there are certain properties where it is not possible to install this type of air conditioning system due to the lack of area to install it. The ducted system is more suitable for large houses or office buildings as it uses less energy to cool more than one room.

 Split air conditioning system

A split air conditioning system usually uses two components, a compressor and blower. The compressor is responsible for lowering the temperature of the air as well as condensing moisture. This component is installed outside where it can disperse the heat from the room and drain the water. The second component is the blower which is responsible for distributing the cooled air in the room and is installed in the room that needs cooling.

The split air conditioning system is suited for cooling one room such as a single office unit or a bedroom. The initial cost of the system is inexpensive and can be installed in most structures as opposed to the ducted air conditioning system. However, it is less effective as it takes more time for the blower to distribute the cold air and lower the temperature of the room as compared to ventilation ducts.

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