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Air Conditioning Services by All Cool Industries

Air Conditioning Services by All Cool Industries

All cool industries team 2All Cool Industries provides a wide range of air conditioning services for any of your needs. Their reliable and friendly technicians can make sure you are getting the most value from their expertise. Below are some of the services All Cool Industries provide.

Air conditioning sales and installation

All Cool Industries has a wide range of air conditioning units for residential and commercial properties. They can recommend the best air conditioning system to suit your property by fully evaluating the premises free of charge.

All Cool Industries technicians can also work with mechanical engineers for large scale projects. They will provide an architectural layout of the air conditioning system with the engineers’ building design in order to implement it harmoniously in the premises. The technicians can also make sure the system will be energy efficient while running at peak performance.

Residential and commercial air conditioning service

When left alone, an air conditioning system becomes a health hazard due to the accumulation of dust within its inner mechanisms, which produces airborne bacteria and allergens. Certain worn out parts, which are damaged by moisture and time, can also cause the system to fail. All Cool Industries provides preventive maintenance services to both residential and commercial air conditioning systems. Their technicians can thoroughly clean the unit and do minor repairs to prolong the lifespan of your system.

Computer room air conditioning

Computer rooms, such as a server room, are required to run for 24 hours. Equipment used here produces a large amount of heat, which can heavily damage any sensitive components. Proper air conditioning can control the temperature of the room to ensure your electronic equipment is able to function properly. Technicians from All Cool Industries are familiar with the installation, servicing and breakdown management of server rooms, with the ability to assess what type of air conditioning system is appropriate for your data centres. The technicians can also provide their preventative maintenance programs to ensure the air conditioner will run normally for a long time. In case of an emergency, All Cool Industries has a 24 hour breakdown service you can avail of.

All Cool Industries can meet any of your air conditioning needs in Brisbane. Visit their website ( or call them on (07) 3289 3005 to find out more about their service

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