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Improve your employees productivity with proper Air conditioning settings

Improve your employees productivity

At the right temperature, the average person’s efficiency can increase. Read on to know how the proper air-conditioning settings can help improve the productivity of your employees.

Employees’ reaction to the temperature

The all cool industries teamEveryone has different reactions to the temperature. According to a recent study, workers whose job responsibility requires them to work on a computer can increase their productivity and commit fewer mistakes if the temperature is within 25° Celsius.  When the temperature dropped to 18.8° Celsius, productivity among workers has dropped significantly. Another study shows that the productivity of workers decreased when the temperature increases to above 27° Celsius.

A cold working environment can restrict the worker’s blood vessels which affects their blood circulation. When blood is not circulated efficiently within the workers’ body, they will feel lethargic due to insufficient energy transferred within their body.

When the work environment experiences an increase in temperature, the hypothalamus within a person’s brain is affected. The hypothalamus maintains the temperature of the body. When this part of the brain is affected, the mind’s judgment is impaired and increases in irritability.

The office air conditioning unit

When considering an air conditioning unit, consider one with energy saving features and a high EER or energy efficiency ratio. Choose an air-conditioning unit or system which will be able to save you money on monthly electrical bills and not a unit or system with a lesser price.

A good practice to have is to have a person who will monitor the temperature for you. They will be the ones who will receive the complaints from other employees if the temperature is too cold or too hot. That person can either report to the person who can control the temperature of the air-conditioning unit or be able to control the temperature by themselves.

Companies should always keep in mind the proper air condition temperature in order to increase their overall productivity. All Cool Industries can provide the right air-conditioning unit to provide a comforting work environment for your employees.

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