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Top 5 commonly asked questions for Air conditioning

Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions

Cassette unitsAir conditioning units are a widely used appliances to make rooms across the globe more comfortable. In Australia, very few homes go without air conditioning come the hot summer months. If you are using a unit or are considering buying one, check some of the most commonly asked questions about air conditioning below.

What factors affect the lifespan of an air conditioning unit?

The average lifespan of a conventional air conditioning unit is 10 years and can last up to 20 years if it is properly taken care of. Here are two important factors which affect its lifespan:

  • Maintenance – Cleaning out and doing minor repairs on relevant parts can keep the unit from breaking down.
  • Installation and placement – Installing and placing a unit in the wrong place can cause the unit to quickly wear out. For example, placing it near a heat source can cause the condenser to overheat.

How can closing all doors and windows improve can save energy?

An air conditioning unit works by bringing the temperature of a room to a desired level. Once the desired temperature is reached, the unit will run at a lowered pace which consumes less electricity. Having an open window or door can make it harder for an air conditioning model to control the room’s temperature. This results in the appliance working more than normal which results in the increased consumption of energy. Ensuring the room’s windows and doors are shut can help lower electricity usage.

Why should I clean the filter regularly?

The filters in an air conditioning unit are used to keep dirt from entering the unit while it takes in the air and cools it. Over time, clumps of dust start to accumulate on the screen. Accumulation of dirt in the filter can result in the blockage of air flow of the air conditioning unit. This forces the appliance to run higher for longer in order to bring down the temperature due to the limited air intake, in turn increasing the energy consumption. There is also the danger of allergens present in the clumps of dirt which can affect the health of those in the room.

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