PeakSmart air-conditioning – what is it and why should I get involved?

PeakSmart Air-Conditioning

Peaksmart air-conditioning – what is it and why should i get involved?Just like peak hour traffic and the shopping rush during Christmas, electricity use also has a peak. Known as peak demand, this is when lots of people are using electricity at the same time. For example, on a hot summer day, lots of homes will be blasting their air conditioning units at the same time. This can significantly impact the network’s efficiency and your power bills. These peak times result in all residents paying more for electricity.

Leading Australian energy company, Energex, has created PeakSmart to help with peak demand. PeakSmart uses innovative technology developed by some of the major air conditioning manufacturers to deliver energy efficiency in periods of high demand. A receiver will be connected to the product, which tells the unit during times of peak use to engage the inbuilt energy efficiency to cap the energy used, similar to the economy setting found on many air conditioners.

PeakSmart will not only save you money, but will also reduce your energy consumption and may even make you money, with payback rewards available through Energex. There are many appliances that come under the PeakSmart range, including air conditioners from top brands like Daikin and Panasonic.

If you are looking for a PeakSmart air conditioner and live in the Brisbane region, All Cool Industries can help supply and install the appliance and receiver in your home or place of work. They can assist with finding the best conditioner for you space as well as installation and setup of the Energex PeakSmart products.

So, make a difference, choose PeakSmart and reap the rewards this summer with All Cool Industries. To find out more about this program and for more advice on air conditioner installation in Brisbane, talk to one of the friendly representatives at All Cool Industries by calling (07) 3289 3005.

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