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How Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Will Save On Your Heating Bills

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Saves On Your Heating Bills

How reverse cycle air conditioning will save on your heating bills

Want to reduce your heating bills? Consider a reverse cycle air conditioner. This system is known for being safer than other more conventional units, as well as having the dual function of heating and cooling.

The following is a small guide on how reverse cycle air conditioning units work and how you can save money on your heating bills when using them:

How it works

A reverse cycle air conditioner extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it inside, cooling it if necessary. The system uses heating and cooling coils to generate warm or cool air depending on your needs. This gives you the option of increasing the temperature on a cold day or decreasing it when it is warmer.

Decreasing your heating bills

Conventional units utilise a heat source in order to increase the temperature of the air and disperse it into a room. The heat source can be electrical or gas powered. The disadvantage of these types of units is that they consume a significant amount of resources to sufficiently increase the temperature of a room.

A reverse cycle air conditioning unit, on the other hand, doesn’t depend on its heating coil. It takes in hot air from the outside and disperses it indoors. This helps the unit use an optimal amount of energy to increase the temperature of a room. Therefore, you can save more money with a reverse cycled air conditioner than with other more traditional units.

Save money and space

For most home owners, they need both a heating and cooling air conditioning unit to change the room’s temperature to a comfortable level. This means you would have needed to buy two separate units, sacrificing space in your house to accommodate both machineries. A reverse cycle air conditioner can increase and reduce the temperature of a room. This saves you money and space by not having to purchase another unit to modify the room temperature.

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