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Inverter air conditioners

The Pros and Cons Inverter Air Conditioners

The Pros and Cons For some, choosing between an inverter and non-inverter air conditioning unit can be difficult. Inverter units are fairly new to the market and are said to be more energy efficient than conventional air conditioners. However, some people are sceptical as to how this type of unit is more efficient in energy…

Multi split house

How Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Will Save On Your Heating Bills

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Saves On Your Heating Bills Want to reduce your heating bills? Consider a reverse cycle air conditioner. This system is known for being safer than other more conventional units, as well as having the dual function of heating and cooling. The following is a small guide on how reverse cycle air…

Ducted systems

A Pleasant Home with Ducted Air Conditioning

A Pleasant Home with Ducted Air Conditioning If you want an all-in-one solution, ducted air conditioning is a great choice. A whole home solution that isn’t bulky or obvious, while still offering energy efficient and control, it is ideal for larger homes and offices. The Real Deal about Ducted Coolers There’s one word which sums…

Ducted systems

Difference between Split vs Ducted Air conditioning system

Split vs Ducted Air conditioning system Some customers might be confused about the differences between a split system air conditioner and a ducted system. The two types of units have the same function, but each operates differently, with different benefits and drawbacks. Ducted air conditioning system Ducted air conditioning is a centralised system that transfers…