Ducted systems

A Pleasant Home with Ducted Air Conditioning

A Pleasant Home with Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted systemsIf you want an all-in-one solution, ducted air conditioning is a great choice. A whole home solution that isn’t bulky or obvious, while still offering energy efficient and control, it is ideal for larger homes and offices.

The Real Deal about Ducted Coolers

There’s one word which sums up ducted air conditioning: controlled. Ducted air conditioning works from one central unit that spreads out to all rooms. In essence, you can have a cooling unit, which can benefit numerous areas of your home. You can also choose which specific zones should have more circulation and which areas would need less of it.

Advantages of Air Circulation

Most homes are used to placing single units in each room. While this may serve useful in some houses, a ducted air conditioning system will save you electricity and space. You’ll only need one unit for the whole house.

The following are the benefits of Ducted air conditioning:

All-in-One Circulation

Every room will have a full distribution of clean, cool air. You can control the temperature in various rooms and create the ideal environment in every room. If you need to heat a space, the same principle applies.

Integrated Controls

You have full control of the temperature and power of air in every room. One room in the sun? Turn it down. Another area always cold? Start the heating!

Seamless Interiors

You won’t need to dig a hole in your walls to install units. You just need the one unit with tubes to various rooms, which means no messy boxes. Plus, you won’t need to clean separate units in every room.

Noise-Free Rooms

Since you’ve got just one unit installed for all parts of the home, you’ll be less disturbed by the noise of air conditioning machines. The vents are unobtrusively installed in the ceilings, and the noise is limited to one, quiet unit.

Your home’s climate has never been this silent, efficient, and affordable. Consult with a cooling system specialist at All Cool Industries today to discuss installing a ducted air conditioning system in your home or office. Call (07) 3289 3005 or check out (www.allcool.com.au) for more information. Your air conditioning Brisbane.