Panasonic air conditioning sizing app

Panasonic Air Conditioning Sizing Wizard App

What Size Air Conditioner Suits My Home?

Panasonic has made it easier for people to work out the right-sized air conditioning system that will suit your rooms. Panasonic has created an Air Conditioning Sizing app that lets you input details and then determines the best air conditioner for that room or space.

Once the App determines the best air conditioner it will give you the location of the nearest dealer and directions on how to get there. Or, you can call the dealer direct. The App also provides information and video of the suggested air conditioner along with technical specifications, pricing and product features. The sizing wizard is available to download onto your iOS or Android System for mobile phones and tablets.

Google pansonic air conditioning sizing wizaed app
Apple pansonic air conditioning sizing wizaed app

4 Step process to using the Panasonic Air Conditioner Sizing Wizard App

Step 1

Download the Panasonic aircon sizing wizard App from either Google Play or Apple App Store.


Step 2

After downloading the App onto your device click the Start button to initiate.


Step 3

Enter details such as room size and other basic information and press Go.

Pansonic air conditioning app room details

Step 4

View the results, price and other related information on the suggested air conditioner.

Pansonic air conditioning app price