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Electricity Savings on Setting Your Air Con at 24C

Setting Your Air Con at 24C The Queensland climate can be unpredictable. From scorching hot and humid to strong storms and flooding during the rainy season, the weather can be chaotic. But this shouldn’t affect your comfort at home or in the office. To increase productivity at work and avoid respiratory health-related conditions in the…

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Surviving Brisbane’s Climate With Air Conditioning

Surviving Brisbane’s Climate With Air Conditioning Surviving Brisbane’s climate is easier with air conditioning. Not only does this make a hot day more bearable, it also protects your electrical devices from overheating. Cooling your rooms can also help with the prevention of common pests, such as mosquito. Keeping the temperature at a comfortable level While…

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The Pros and Cons Inverter Air Conditioners

The Pros and Cons For some, choosing between an inverter and non-inverter air conditioning unit can be difficult. Inverter units are fairly new to the market and are said to be more energy efficient than conventional air conditioners. However, some people are sceptical as to how this type of unit is more efficient in energy…

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Back to Back Installation – What is it and what are the benefits?

The Benefits of Back to Back Installation For Australians, air conditioning is a must. With a humid climate much of the year, it is important to be able to cool your space efficiently, as well as heat it when the weather cools down. However, installing an air conditioner can be a big investment. Finding an…

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Top 5 commonly asked questions for Air conditioning

Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions Air conditioning units are a widely used appliances to make rooms across the globe more comfortable. In Australia, very few homes go without air conditioning come the hot summer months. If you are using a unit or are considering buying one, check some of the most commonly asked questions about…


Top tips for improving air conditioner efficiency

Top tips for improving air conditioner efficiency Improving the efficiency of your air conditioner can be very beneficial, as it helps preserve the environment and reduce electricity bills. Increasing a unit’s performance can also increase its expected lifespan. Below are some tips to help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning model. Keep the filters…