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PeakSmart air-conditioning – what is it and why should I get involved?

PeakSmart Air-Conditioning Just like peak hour traffic and the shopping rush during Christmas, electricity use also has a peak. Known as peak demand, this is when lots of people are using electricity at the same time. For example, on a hot summer day, lots of homes will be blasting their air conditioning units at the…

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Top 5 commonly asked questions for Air conditioning

Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions Air conditioning units are a widely used appliances to make rooms across the globe more comfortable. In Australia, very few homes go without air conditioning come the hot summer months. If you are using a unit or are considering buying one, check some of the most commonly asked questions about…

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Energex savings promotion for Panasonic Air Conditioners

Energex savings promotion for Panasonic Air Conditioners Energex and Panasonic are saving you money in many ways. Read on to know how a Peak Smart Air conditioning Panasonic model will benefit you. Peak Smart Air Conditioning Power companies including Energex developed a new Demand Response Management or DRM technology to respond to the incredibly high…