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Energex savings promotion for Panasonic Air Conditioners

Energex savings promotion for Panasonic Air Conditioners

Allcool residential bgEnergex and Panasonic are saving you money in many ways. Read on to know how a Peak Smart Air conditioning Panasonic model will benefit you.

Peak Smart Air Conditioning

Power companies including Energex developed a new Demand Response Management or DRM technology to respond to the incredibly high demand for electricity. High energy demands results in brownouts and blackouts. DRMs have since been implemented in most air-conditioning units.

Energex and most major air-conditioner manufacturers, including Panasonic, created the Peak Smart Air-conditioning feature. A small device inside Peak Smart Air-conditioners receives a signal from electrical power companies when energy demands have reached a peak level. When the unit receives the signal, it will start to use less energy while still maintaining the right temperature. The feature doesn’t need to be set or bothered with while using the unit.

Panasonic air-condition unit features

Panasonic’s new models of air-conditioning units are designed to effectively control the room temperature while lowering the energy consumption. The units are also equipped with added features to promote a healthy environment.

ECONAVI technology – This new feature can optimise the unit’s operation according to the room’s current condition which reduces any energy waste. Utilising a new Sunlight Sensor technology, the unit can determine if the weather is sunny or cloudy to efficiently lower the temperature. The Human Activity Sensor technology can detect the room’s current activity levels. The cooling process of the unit lowers when it detects a lower activity level within the room.

Nanoe-G air purifying system – Nanoe-G uses nano technology fine particles made of radicals and ions to clean the air within the room. Airborne and surface-based micro-organisms including viruses, mould and bacteria are effectively purified to promote a healthy room environment.

Mild Dry Cooling – Most air conditioning systems reduces the moisture within the room which results in dry skin and mouth. Panasonic’s air-condition units are designed with the Mild Dry cooling feature which maintains the level of air moisture within the room.

Inverter technology – Panasonic’s Inverter technology can save up to 50 per cent energy. The technology allows the unit to use the exact amount of electricity to quickly cool or heat the room when it is turned on.

Energex Peak Smart promotion

Energex aims to promote the Peak Smart technology which is incorporated in most Panasonic air-conditioning units. Energex will provide a $250 EFTPOS gift card for a split inverter system or $500 EFTPOS card for ducted Systems which can be used on most retail shops.

Purchasing a Panasonic Peak Smart air-condition unit is a win-win situation thanks to the appliance energy saving features and the gift card incentive from Energex.

If you are looking for a Panasonic Peak Smart Air-conditioning unit, All Cool Industries has a wide array of air-conditioning units to choose from.

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