Air conditioning repairs

The importance of air conditioner maintenance

The importance of air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioning repairsAn air conditioning unit is design to withstand any abuse from extreme temperatures and physical force, but it loses its efficiency to control the room temperature over time. Read on to know the importance in maintaining your air conditioner.

Health and safety

Air conditioning  units create an ideal environment for moulds and mildews to grow. Mould and mildew are hazardous to the health of anyone who is exposed to it. The most common symptom is headaches due to fungal sinusitis which causes nose bleeds and later brain lesions.

To avoid the growth of mould, change the filters often.  Changing the filter is very easy to remove and clean and doesn’t require moving or cleaning the entire unit itself in most air-conditioning models. The drain pan is where moisture gathers and the main area where mould grows. Annual cleaning of the air-conditioning unit can prevent mould growing.

Increase unit efficiency and lower electrical usage

Through constant use, dirt and grime accumulates within the condenser coil as the unit is used. When dirt accumulates around the coil, it reduces the air-conditioning unit’s efficiency due to an obstruction in its air flow. The obstruction will also result in an increase of the unit’s power consumption. The dirt and grime acts as an insulating agent which lowers the unit’s ability to absorb heat which lowers the efficiency of the air-conditioner to control the room temperature.

Aluminium fins which are found on the evaporator and condenser coil are easily bent. This results in a decrease in the air flow through the coil which lowers the efficiency of the unit to control the room temperature. Using a tool called a “fine comb”, you can restore the fins and increase the air flow through the coil.

Annual maintenance vs. repair

Doing annual maintenance on an air-conditioner unit can lessen the chances of it breaking down. Your air conditioning unit might break down in the middle of the night which can be prevented by cleaning and maintain the unit at least twice per year.

Repairing a unit is much more expensive than simply maintaining and cleaning the unit. The costs of repair and parts replacement for older units are even more expensive and not guaranteed to work again if the air conditioner breaks.

Maintaining your air-conditioner unit twice per month can save both your health and your money from electricity bills and air conditioning service bills. If you would like professional help, consider All Cool Industries to repair and maintain your unit.

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