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How to save on energy and money on your air conditioning

How to save on energy and money

Air conditioningA hot humid day or a freezing cold night can be made comfortable through the use of an air-conditioner, often resulting in an extremely high electric bill. Proper maintenance and positioning can help improve the running of the unit and therefore reduce your bill. Read on to know how you can save energy and money on your air conditioner unit.

Clean and maintain your air-conditioner

When dirt and grime accumulates within the coils of the air-conditioner, the air flow is reduced, which makes the unit consume more energy to control the room temperature. Dust builds up within the air-conditioner’s air filter which lowers the air-flow as it accumulates over time.

Air-filters in most air-conditioner units can be removed easily. Always check the manual as to how to properly clean the filters. Some air-filters can be washed with soap while others are not washable. To clean the coils, use a vacuum with an upholstery brush attachment to effectively remove any dust and debris. Always remove the power socket of your air-conditioner while cleaning it. Not only will this increase the performance and save on energy, maintenance and cleaning will lower the need to call an air conditioning repair shop.

Choosing the right location of your air-conditioner

Air-conditioners should not be placed in a highly temperate area and high sunlit areas. An increase in temperature will increase the workload of the unit which results in heavy electricity consumption. Simple relocation of the air-conditioner or providing a “shade” will increase the efficiency by 10 per cent.

Buy a new air-conditioner

At first, it may seem to defeat the purpose of saving money, but purchasing a new air-conditioner with energy saving features can save you money in the long run. Consider this option if your air-conditioner unit is more than 10 years old which doesn’t have any of today’s energy saving technology found in modern air-conditioner units.

When buying a new air-conditioner unit, look for the unit’s EER or energy efficiency ratio. The higher the EER is, the less electricity it consumes. A good example of an air-conditioner that can save energy is one with Inverter technology where the unit effectively uses electricity and reduces any wasted power.

Proper maintenance of your air-conditioner can save you money from electricity and repair bills. A new unit is considered a smart investment if you want to save money in the long run.

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