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Electricity Savings on Setting Your Air Con at 24C

Setting Your Air Con at 24C

The Queensland climate can be unpredictable. From scorching hot and humid to strong storms and flooding during the rainy season, the weather can be chaotic. But this shouldn’t affect your comfort at home or in the office.

To increase productivity at work and avoid respiratory health-related conditions in the home, your air con’s optimal temperature should be set to 24 degrees Celsius. You can reduce your electricity bills with this recommended setting.

Panasonic air conditioning ducted or reverse cycle split for home or commercial cooling or warming call all cool industries in brendale.

Queensland’s sizzling weather

According to the government’s weather bureau, Queensland can expect higher temperatures than other states throughout the year, especially during summer. If the weather gets too hot (or too cold), then you’ll need a cooling system to regulate the room’s temperature.

What air conditioners can do

Air conditioners, as the name suggests, condition the air. They can cool or heat a room to a temperature of your choice. There are varying styles of air conditioners offering different benefits and drawbacks, however, all have the same recommended temperature to ensure energy efficiency.

Why 24C?

24 degrees Celsius is the recommended temperature for the best energy efficiency in a room, as well as keeping the room at a reasonable temperature for all. This allows you to achieve a balance between comfort, avoiding illness and saving enough money on electricity bills.

November through to March are considered the hottest months in Queensland, as these cover the lead up to summer and the cool down in autumn. You should then get your cooling system organised before this time span.

These are the advantages you can gain when your air con is set at an optimal temperature:

Avoid fungi and bacteria related conditions

During the worst weather, heat stroke, colds, flu and other seasonal illnesses are more common. At worst, inhabitants end up acquiring respiratory conditions due to the humid environment.

In the worst scenario, your colleagues or family members could contract a lung infection. Setting your air conditioning unit to 24 degrees Celsius is just the right temperature to save on electricity, without causing harmful fungi or bacteria accumulation, which can endanger your health.

Spend as little as $25 per month

When setting your air con at 24 degrees Celsius, you’ll save hundreds every year. If you aren’t as careful with setting your temperature right, you can be surprised to see your electricity bills rise.

No matter how unpredictable the weather may be, you can be sure to keep comfortable and ultimately save on electricity by setting your air con system at 24C today.

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