Top tips for improving air conditioner efficiency

Top tips for improving air conditioner efficiency

Headers-bgImproving the efficiency of your air conditioner can be very beneficial, as it helps preserve the environment and reduce electricity bills. Increasing a unit’s performance can also increase its expected lifespan. Below are some tips to help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning model.

Keep the filters clean

The filter keeps out any dirt and other debris from entering the inner mechanism of your air conditioning unit. Dust particles will eventually form into clumps on the surface of the filter. This will make it hard for the unit to draw in air from the surrounding room and cool it. The model consumes more energy because of this.

You can clean the filter by removing it from the unit and using a vacuum to remove the small clumps. Thoroughly rinse and dry it before reattaching it to the air conditioner. If you are hesitant to do this yourself, a professional has the tools and expertise to complete the service for you.

Avoid placing the air conditioner in hot environments

When an air conditioning unit is situated in a hot area, it makes it difficult for the model to cool the room. The increase in temperature affects the inner coils which are responsible for cooling the air. Avoid installing your air conditioning unit in a hot environment such as a kitchen area. Consider applying a shade over the model if any of its parts are constantly exposed to the sun.

Have your air conditioner service at least twice a year

Regular servicing of your air conditioner unit from professional technicians can increase its efficiency. They can give your appliance a detailed diagnosis, looking at its coils, coolant level and airflow. These factors can drastically affect the efficiency of an air conditioning unit, which can be adjusted correctly by a technician. It is recommended to have your unit get serviced at least twice a year.

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