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How you can save energy with Sustainability and Air Conditioning

How you can save energy with Sustainability and Air Conditioning

Residential introYou can help the environment simply by choosing the right air conditioning unit and using it properly. By using your unit correctly, you can lower energy consumption, reducing not only your effect on the environment, but also your utilities bill. Below are some ways to save energy with air conditioning.

Choose Energy Star labelled units

There are lots of different types of air conditioning units available, with some including an Energy Star label. The label helps indicates which units are specially design to conserve electricity. They are optimised by manufacturers to consume 10 per cent less energy than other normal models.

Keep the room enclosed

Most air conditioning units work by filling the room with cool air. The unit consumes electricity as it lowers the temperature to a programmed rate. The appliance’s motor will run less once the room becomes cool.

When there is an opening in the room, it will let in the heat from the outside and leak out the cold air. This makes the air conditioning unit work overtime by running the motor constantly until the room becomes cool. Closing the window, doors and curtains will keep the temperature from rising in the room, which prevents the air conditioning unit wasting electricity.

Clean the air filter

Any dust or debris that enters the unit can be captured by the filter of the model. Over time, the filter becomes caked by the gathered dirt creating a blockage. This results in the reduction of the air flow of the unit. The motor of the air conditioning model works overtime and increases electricity usage because of this.

Filters in most conventional air conditioning units are easy to take out. Review the instruction manual on how to detach the one for your unit. It is recommended to vacuum the unit first to remove the clumps of dust hanging from it.  Move the filter under running water or immerse it in warm water to completely remove any amount of dirt. Thoroughly dry the filter before reattaching it to your unit. However, in order to ensure the unit is cleaned correctly and not damaged, it may be wise to enlist the help of a professional, such as those at All Cool Industries.

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